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Welcome to Grey Leaf Media

I guess for our first blog post, an introduction is in order.
Who are we? Why are we here? Why Grey Leaf?

Everyone wants to know everything about everyone else these days, don’t you think? We are a husband and wife team: one specialty coffee guru who knows a fair amount about the topic of Philosophy, and one professional counselor who knows an awful lot about Mental Health and ┬áJournalism.

We come from a long background of design and writing in various forms. We found ourselves complaining about the work we’ve seen people pay for too often and thought, “Why don’t we start offering design and writing services? It’ll be fun!” and Grey Leaf Media was born.

I used to “waste time” modifying cars in Photoshop, building what would become a very popular coffee blog, and learning basic web design while in college. Of course, our hobbies grow with us, and so did my skills and experience in what would eventually culminate into a handy little web design package. While my professional background was originally in coffee (I’ve been a barista, consultant, trainer, coffee roaster, technician, manager, webmaster, writer, and almost everything in between), my life-long love of good design, visual balance, perfectionism, and exceptional quality never wavered.

For me personally, Grey Leaf Media was supposed to be “just for fun.” Like most things with me, any project that begins for fun eventually becomes much bigger. My tendency for consulting and training are rooted in a deep desire to enable, and watch others succeed. The way I see it, Logo design, Web Design, and Writing are the exact same thing, with the difference being only that of execution.

So, why the name? Every brand has a story, right? (if yours doesn’t, please.. talk to us. We’d love to help you develop one.)

My education is in Philosophy. One of my favorite topics of Philosophy in school was Metaphysics. One of the most interesting subtopics of Metaphysics is Vagueness. Nothing says “flexible” quite as well as the color gray. It can be bright, dark, or anything in between. It also happens to be my favorite color in a polo shirt.

We both love (with a capital L) nature and the outdoors. A leaf is often used to vaguely symbolize a feeling of “natural.” And, hey, we both love Canada, so why not?

Aline had the idea for “Gray Leaf Media” randomly one day, and it just clicked. Unfortunately, “Gray Leaf Media” was already taken, but “Grey Leaf Media” was not. A few minutes later, and http://www.greyleafmedia.com was registered (and .org, and .net), and I immediately got to work on a logo.

We’ve been so busy with client projects, that we have found it challenging to find the time to launch our own website. Now, we’re proud to release it into the wild. Let the games begin!