Every brand has a story. 

Grey Leaf Media is located in Dallas, TX. We build websites with great design and effective content, specializing in helping small businesses achieve a professional and approachable online presence.

Like many, we are tired of mediocre work for premium prices. Reliability shouldn’t cause anxiety or doubt. We sought to right the wrongs committed by too many other agencies. Having trouble with a site we didn’t build? Struggling to refine your brand’s voice or colors after buying a logo from Fiverr or a generic logo generator? With well over a decade of marketing and technical expertise, Grey Leaf Media can help. Contact us for more information. 

Jason has been building and designing websites since 2006. He believes that every brand deserves good design, and that a company’s logo is only the beginning of its image. He has been actively writing articles for businesses and websites for six years, and he has also been published in various trade magazines.

Jason thinks that websites should be easy to use for both visitors and site owners. He believes that great design can transform an average website into an over-the-top experience. Jason’s favorite CMS is WordPress, and his favorite design tools are a sketchpad, Adobe Photoshop, and Notepad++.

Aline has a journalism degree with an emphasis in news writing from Baylor University. In addition to website copy, she has written successful grants and procedural manuals for businesses. She believes that through writing, you can make the most complex ideas easy and fun to read.

Aline loves to help businesses develop their unique voice and personality through writing. She is a strong editor who has been jokingly (and lovingly) called mercilessly nit-picky by friends and peers. Her favorite tools are a gel pen, a spiral notepad, her trusty laptop, and Adobe InDesign.